What Students, Parents & Top Industry Pros are saying about AWP…

Author & Casting Director, Bonnie Gillespie (Cricket Feet Casting, Hollywood) “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about the amazing Lynn Stallings. I am fortunate enough to be one of Lynn’s many ‘success stories’ in this industry. Yes, I came to Lynn as a child actor in Atlanta in the 1980s, and her guidance set me on the right path for a thriving career in show business.  Lynn is a force of positivity who nurtures talent, understands the complexities of our business, and invests time and energy into every relationship, because she knows ours is an industry that involves a balance between the creative process and fair deal-brokering.  Lynn Stallings is caring, shrewdly aware of what it takes to succeed, and warmly diplomatic… a wonderful combination!  Our industry is a better place for having Lynn in it. Her organizational skills are unquestionable. Her eye for talent is sharp. Her relationships are solid and long-spanning. She doesn’t live in a world of instant gratification; she understands that we’re all building relationships that last a lifetime in this industry, and she invests time, energy, and most of all passion into everything she does. I’m so very excited to see submissions come in from Lynn and her team, when I next post a casting breakdown! If you have any follow-up questions about my support for Lynn Stallings please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to gush further! :)”

Casting Director, Jen Kelley (Big Picture Casting) “I would like to offer a letter of recommendation for Lynn Stallings.   As an agent at People Store for the past 14 years, I have been fortunate to have established a wonderful working relationship with Lynn.  As one of the most respected instructors for kids and teens, I would never hesitate to refer talent to her programs.  She is not only one of the best instructors in Atlanta but she is also one of the nicest people you will meet in this industry.  Her many years of experience gives her the perfect qualifications.  And now, as a casting director with Big Picture Casting, Inc., I look forward to working even more closely with the multi-talented Lynn Stallings.”

Talent Agent, Michael McCracken (Grossman & Jack Talent, Chicago) “AWP is an oasis of creativity and acceptance that stands out among schools of acting. My time spent working with Don and Lynn were some of the best summers of my life. When working with AWP, you will leave not only a better performer, but most likely a more passionate, compassionate and empathetic human being.”

Director of Casting, Brian Beegle (Stilwell Casting) “Lynn Stallings has been a wonderful part of our acting community here for many years.  Her professional skills and teaching abilities have helped many actors become not just good, but great. I would like to highly recommend her. We stand behind everything she does.”

Agency Director, Mystie Buice (Houghton Talent) “The team at AWP is professional and connected in the marketplace, a great group to train with. My own daughter attended AWP camp over a decade ago and we both still count it as one of the highlights of her youth…

AWP Mom, Miriam Garrett “At AWP I know that my child is being challenged and nurtured not only as a performer, but as a human being. Lynn and Don teach life lessons as well as acting lessons… You don’t get that just everywhere.”

AWP Mom, Lenie Grant “AWP has been instrumental to my son’s success.  The love, encouragement, and unparalleled training has boosted his confidence level.  He has also booked numerous roles since he has started training here in August.  We love this place!”

AWP Mom, Margie Verdon “AWP has become a second home to my children.  It’s a place where they can grow creatively and as humans, in a safe, fun, environment. AWP fosters positivity and encouragement of all students, regardless of differences!”

AWP Mom, Janie Oreffice “AWP embraces each person’s gifts and talents as unique and valuable.  The environment is warm yet challenging and because of this, students build self esteem, self awareness, and also learn to appreciate others because of their differences, not in spite f them. AWP delivers top notch training in a fun, approachable format. I would highly recommend AWP for both serious actors and those who want to build confidence while having fun.”

AWP Student, Khamary Grant “AWP is my home outside of home. Everyone there is like family to me and I know that I can go to them whenever I need a shoulder to lean on. AWP has helped me grow so much as a performer and has made me a better person as well. AWP is the one place that I can be myself without worrying that I’ll be judged.”    

Did you hear….?

When the 2014 AWP students were asked what AWP means to them, the responses were heartwarming!

“AWP is a home away from home.  It’s one of the only places where I can feel like myself.” “To me, AWP means family with unconditional love that is not afraid to correct my wrongs and guide me along the way.”  – Ashleigh Boyce

“AWP means family; It means a safe place to try new and scary things and a place to learn while having crazy amounts of fun.”  – Nikki Friedberg

“AWP is a dream.  It’s a place where I meet my imaginary friends in real life, where my fantasy dream starts to come true, and my imagination starts becoming a reality.  It’s where I can start to see my Destiny.”  – Hayley Wolfe

“For me, AWP means ‘Hope.” AWP is a place for people who want to chase their dreams in the hopes that they will come true.  The people who attend AWP share this hope; they ooze it.  They can mend broken hearts and lift spirits just by saying,  “You are amazing.” “Being here at AWP made me more hopeful person and it was the greatest experience of my life.” –  Annie Martin

“AWP is the main source of goodness in my heart in the most honest meaning of the phrase.” ” It gives me hope and the ability to believe in myself!” “AWP is my other home!  It brings out my passions, talents, and love.  It means encouragement to help others succeed!” Leah Schultz 

“It means love.  The person I am and the person I was before I came to camp.  The love, acceptance, and positivity I got became part of the way I always try to treat people.”–  JT Tarpav

“The hugs, full of comfort and support you never asked for but got anyway.” – Anonymous

“Best camp I’ve been to!” Anonymous

“It means the world and more to me!  I don’t know where I would be without it and everyone here.” – Mari Jacobson

“AWP means LOVE,  they “woo” you and cheer you on even if you weren’t your best. You build friendships, increase your knowledge and skills.” ” Their love is a price that cannot be paid.”Keturah Eaves

“AWP is a place where I can learn how to be a better person and become better at doing what I love.” – Giana Clovis

“It means acceptance, building relationships, learning a lot, having fun and gaining talent :)”  Anonymous

“AWP means to me that I am surrounded by various talents that I would want to learn along with being accepted for who I am” – Michael Gambrell

“Family, fellowship, joy.  I grew up here and its made me the happy woman I am today.” –  Ally Clements

“Love, Family, and Friendship, here you can show your true self!”Hannah G.

“AWP is amazing because they accept you, you can express your feels there.”Amanda Foreman

“AWP is literally my favorite place in the world.” “It means friends and love at all times.”  –Kendall Parrott

“It allows people to express themselves in any way with full acceptance.”  Anonymous

“Hope, potential, opportunity and I never want to leave.”  “People who understand me.” “LOVE, HOME” – Blair Nesbitt:)

” Love, happiness, friends, home, and LOTS OF LOVE” – Angelina Wright

“LOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!” Jonah Verdon

“AWP means family and love.”  – Brett Cooper

“AWP means a great deal to me, I’ve met so many accepting people that I would it have found anywhere else.  I am so glad to be part of AWP”- Olivia Walsh

“It means you can be your self, no matter who you are your HOME.”– Jasmin Harrell

“AWP means friends for a lifetime.” – Grace

“AWP means freedom to express yourself.” – Sarah N. Evans

“Home away from home.” – Kelsey Kimball

“Awesome Wonderful People” – Emily Pilson

“Love, family, and joy, It is the essence of all these words.”  Anonymous

” AWP is a blessing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, Thank you.” – Sebastiana

“it’s a home away from home.” – Kenzey

Austin Works Perfectly.”   Anonymous

“AWP is a place that people are accepted as they are and are able to fully express themselves.”  Anonymous

“It’s a place people can love be loved, because AWP is a family.” Sara Dardik

“AWP means a second family.”  Anonymous

“Means Awareness of Wonderful People.” – Dwayne Young

“It is a safe place to come back to, you get to reunite with all the friends that you have made in previous years.” – Morgan Beck

“AWP is my family!”  Anonymous

“It’s where I go to get away from reality!” “It is Love and I don’t know what I would do without it!”  Anonymous

“It means there is a place where I can be myself and be accepted.”  Anonymous

“It is really awesome!” “Fun and I get better at acting everyday I’m here.” – Sabina

“Opportunities, Inspires me, confidence and motivation.”  Anonymous

“A Place to Be Yourself.” “it makes me feel happy and Good about myself.”  Anonymous

“AWP means not having to fit in, means that I can be myself and go crazy!!!” “An escape from day to day life for one week every summer.”  Anonymous

“A place that my son grew up and was always able to be himself, a placed which changed my whole family to good.”  Anonymous

“Love, friendship, swag.”  Anonymous

“Family, Friends, fun, happy, times.”  Anonymous

“AWP = Life! I’ve been to residential for 2 years and I can never enough !  Thank You!”  Anonymous

“This was my 1st year, but it seems pretty cool and I love the sense of community and love that everyone has with each other.”  Anonymous

“Family” “It is a place of acceptance.”  Anonymous

“New friends.”  Anonymous

“Dreams Come true!”  Anonymous

“AWP is love and Family.”   – Zamani W.

“Friendship.” – Adian

“Creativity.” “Awesome.” “A home away from home.”  Anonymous

“AWP  means family and family means no one gets left behind.” – Amanda Waller

“EVERYTHING.” – Madison O’hara

“Love and Happiness, new friendships, fun, life, memories, and more love!!!!” – Chelsea Cohen

“AWP means to me encouragement with personality” – Chosyn

“Means doing what I love with supportive people and great friends around me.” – Lauren Bradshaw

“Making memories and friends while doing something I love!” – Dana

“Meeting new people and sharing new experiences!” – Emily Grover

“Love & Acceptance” – Aidan Schroeder

“For me it means getting to express and show your talents in the arts.” – Booker Tyler Kidd

” I means I can be happy”  Anonymous

“AWP is a place you can go to get away from all the stress, it has a good family environment.” – Katelyn Layne

“Fun, happiness, and love.” – Will Hunt

“A chance to make new friends and have amazing experiences.” – Tara Patterson

“Everything, it just helps me go to a place where I don’t worry about school and I just do what I love.”  Lauryn Reed XOXO

“Meeting new friends that you seem to have known forever by the end.” – Amelia Scott

“Family, Love.” – Aidan Foley

“A fun place where I can express myself.” – Max Schrader

“Home away from home!”  Anonymous

“AWP to me means family. it means a place to go where you feel comfortable as you would at home if not more, friendship and love.”  Anonymous